Don’t Let the Sun Damage the Paint

There’s a lot to be excited about after you have let TM Car Detailing work its magic on your car’s interior and exterior. Your car gets a fresh and new look, which makes you proud to drive it. The last thing you want, though, are the sun’s UV rays to immediately start damaging its paint. These powerful beams make the surface look old and worn out before its time. That’s where TM Car Detailing can be of first-class assistance.

TM Car Detailing’s ceramic coatings are superior ways to protect your car’s exterior paint. In fact, these coatings can add protection to many vehicles—from boats and motorcycles to trucks and airplanes.

Fading and oxidation are the main consequences of UV rays beating down on your car. And take note that the rays cause destruction even over the winter or if you don’t live in a tropical climate.

Fading: UV rays wreak havoc on the paint’s chemical bonds. When these bonds break, colors begin to fade in a way that’s similar to bleaching.

Oxidation: UV rays accelerate the oxidation process in almost all surfaces, including your car’s paint. The result is a washed-out, brittle substance that has little resemblance to its non-oxidized form. This type of collapse is slightly different from fading but equally unattractive.

To reduce the amount of time your car spends baking in the sun, find a shaded parking spot, get a heavy-fabric cover that’s design specifically for your car’s make and model, and always park it in your garage or covered carport.

And if you park under a tree, make it one where birds don’t gather. Besides being disgusting to look at, bird deposits have a lot of uric acid, which quickly eats through the paint.

Damage from fading or oxidation can slice 10 to 20 percent off of the resale of your car, so go ahead and fight the rays with a ceramic coating from TM Car Detailing! For more information or to request a rate, please use one of the two specific forms on this website.

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